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Designing a modular kitchen with some of the best bench tops has become an art in itself. Along with different shades and materials, you can also contact different interior designers for getting some of the most affordable benchtops for your special kitchen. Right from the place where you are going to place your sink, oven, chimney to the type of material you would be using for your bench tops. Benchtops is the area where you need to invest more of both, money and imagination. The material to be used depends a lot on the frequency of the usage of the kitchen. But, among all the varied types of materials available for bench tops the most commonly used material is granite. Granite is preferred mostly because it can be availed in varied colors. Thus, it makes it easier to suit your kitchen theme.

Why Granite? Because Granite gives more choice and it’s cost effective

Granite’s density, rich color and stiffness makes it the most apt choice for using it as your kitchen bench top. Because of its multiple uses and wider color choices makes it a versatile choice for your home and kitchen designing. Another strong reason that makes granite a top choice is that the maintenance for this material is at its lowest level.

Granite is more durable

The composition of granite includes various minerals like, micas, quartz, feldspars and many more.

  • One of the reasons why we prefer granite over other materials is because of its texture and color.
  • These minerals that help to form granite are also the reasons for its attractive and eye catching colors and textures.
  • You are well aware that diamond is the hardest material on the planet and second on the list is granite.
  • Most of the renowned interior decorators advise their clients to use granites for the designing of their kitchen bench tops for its durability and sophisticated looks.
  • Even well-known engineers, architects prefer using granite for their construction purposes. It has the capability of retaining its luster and beauty for a longer period of time.

Granite can withstand extreme conditions

Minimalist modern kitchen with buil-in appliances and induction hob

Granite has its name for its durability. Thus, has the capability of facing extreme weather conditions and does not lose its color and texture. It is heat resistant, thereby making it kitchen friendly. And, it can also withstand excessive weight. Therefore, selecting granite for you kitchen bench top serves most of the purposes that your kitchen generally has to face.

Measures you must take to protect your granite benchtops

  • Do not let strong chemicals get exposed to granite – Chemicals such as oven cleaner, paint removers, bleach or any other acidic liquid should not be exposed to granite. That will hamper the color, texture and durability of granite. Keeping it open to these acidic liquids will surely destroy the appearance of granite.
  • Avoid using your granite kitchen bench top as a cutting board – Often in haste we land up using bench tops as cutting boards. But, that is not advisable, as it can hamper the sophisticated appearance of granite by making it loose its shiny texture and polish. Other than that granite is a slippery surface, thereby increasing the chances of you hurting yourself.
  • Avoid applying excessive heat on granite benchtops – It is a fact that granites are heat resistance. But, excessive application of something is never good. Thus, it is advisable that you avoid keeping a heated pan for a very long time over a granite surface.

Granites are advisable to be used as kitchen bench tops for a very valid reason that is it is easy to clean. Unlike other materials that require specific instructions for their cleaning purposes. If you want to make your choice of Granite for your place Benchtops, then please get in touch with us and give your kitchen more attractive look.

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