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Do you want to throw incredible parties that will make you the envy of all your neighbours? Are you thinking of smart ways to design and furnish your home to make it perfect for entertaining, but have no idea where to start? Follow these tips to create an entertainer’s paradise that all your family and friends will flock to!

Have an inviting and functional entryway

First thing’s first – your entryway needs to be functional and inviting so that your guests will feel at ease as soon as they enter. This can be done by providing a coat rack and some seats so guests can compose themselves before entering. If you don’t quite have the space for a sprawling entryway, turn a corridor closet into your cloakroom instead and add a simple stool nearby so guests can take a seat while removing their shoes.

Multiple seating areas

Unless you’re a strict “dinner party at the 12-seater dining table” person, you’ll want to have multiple seating areas to allow guests to mingle. You’ll need a large sofa in the living room, bar stools in the kitchen and outdoor furniture in your backyard so that guests can get up and socialise with others whenever they like. After all, there’s nothing more awkward than a group of people having to sit and chat on the same couch the whole night!

By providing diverse seating options, guests can chat over drinks in the kitchen, move onto the couch to relax and finally head outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. This creates a seamless sense of social flow which guests are sure to appreciate, while also making it easier for people to meet one another. Use a mix of seating options so you can cater to large groups and intimate conversations alike.


Create flexible spaces

If you can, design your home with adaptability in mind. We’ve all had to turn our bedrooms into a makeshift cloakroom when guests drop by, but by being more deliberate in your home design and decor, you can ensure you’re prepared for everything that hosting a party can entail. Having a hidden Murphy bed in your spare room or home office is perfect for hosting surprise overnight guests, while the right kind of side tables can be used as stools when seating is needed in a pinch. Also make sure to fully stock your bathroom so that guests can easily access any toiletries they need, while also hiding any personal toiletries that you’d rather your guests not see or use.

Draw attention to a focal point

Ensure your party is lively and fun by giving guests something to talk about! You could have a slideshow or movie playing on your TV with the sound off or show off some statement art that will have guests gathering around it to inspect it closer. There’s nothing worse than having a handful of early arrivals who don’t know each other awkwardly sitting on the couch trying to make small talk. By giving guests a focal point to talk about, you can make socialising so much easier for everyone.

Blend the indoors and outdoors

There’s simply no better way to soak up the weather than by integrating your indoor and outdoor spaces. This can be done by levelling the floors and adding glass sliding doors in between the interior and exterior of your home. By blurring the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, you also make it much easier to pass drinks and food between the kitchen and your deck while also creating a bigger space for guests to enjoy.

Open up

Every avid entertainer knows that an open plan home is the best style for entertaining. An open plan home allows guests to mingle between the kitchen, living room and outdoor area, grabbing drinks and snacks and having fun conversations as they go. This also prevents cliques from forming in specific rooms of your home, instead fostering an environment of inclusivity. When it comes to entertaining, it is all about the atmosphere, so try to design with openness in mind.

Author the Author: Hania is a Melbourne-based writer who blogs at You will most likely find her with her head in a book, or enjoying Melbourne’s foodie scene.

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