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A sudden spike or downfall in the temperature due to weather changes can take a toll on your Energy usage bill. Be it keeping your house warm during winter, or turning on the Air Condition a lot during summer. It also constitutes extra money in your energy bill. One great way as suggested by experts is to increase the energy efficiency of your roof so that you can keep your house warmer during winter and cooler during the summer, which in turn will greatly reduce your energy bill. People tend to change doors, windows, or even their walls. But it cannot be denied that it is the roof that plays a big part in absorbing all the outside heat or coolness. If you’re looking to make your roof more energy-efficient, then read on to find out how.

Adequate ventilation in the roof:

There needs to be a proper ventilation system for your roof. This can be felt more during the summer when the attic is very warm due to the heat outside. Without proper ventilation, the wood of your roof can get distorted. It can also damage your roof’s shingles reducing its life. All of these add extra pressure on your Air conditioning system to maintain a cool temperature of the house and result in very high energy bills. If you have adequate ventilation available it’ll keep your attic less warm and also contribute to the roof’s energy efficiency.


Proper Insulation for your roof:

During the winter, you need to use the heater a lot to keep your house warmer. If you don’t have the proper insulation in place, it can result in your house losing its warmth pretty soon. This means you’d need to use the heater every now and then to continue keeping your house warm. You can fix this easily by insulating your roof, Adequate insulation can help in trapping the heat inside the house and also keep out all the coolness from outdoors. It can be a really cost-effective way to make your roof more energy-efficient but you would also need to decide on the right form of insulation before you proceed with getting your roof insulated. This is because a lot of factors might be involved depending on the climate of your place.

Lighter color coating:

If you may not know already, then the color of your roof plays a huge part in regulating your house’s temperature. This is mainly during the summer, a darker shade of color on the roof can result in more heat being absorbed by the roof and directed inwards the house. This in turn will affect your energy usage as well, due to your air conditioning system being used more. Applying a lighter shade of color on the roof will keep off most of the light and heat from reaching the interior of your house. This is an easy way to make the roof more energy efficient.


Efficient materials to use on the roof:

If you are thinking about getting your roof completely changed then it is wise to look for materials that will increase the efficiency of your roof and save you a lot of money in the long run. A wide range of roofing materials is available in the market that can help you make your roof more efficient. If we were to name a few then you can pick London Eco-Metal in Mississauga. These metal roofings are very sustainable and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear while also protecting your family from heavy winds, fire, hail storms, and such. Metal roofing is also said to be more efficient in regulating your house’s temperature. Keeping your house warmer during the winter and also cooler during the summer. To know more about this awesome roofing option you may choose to visit London Eco-metal website at


Installing heat barriers in the attic:

You can stick tinfoils on the plywood lining your attic. This works as a radiant heat barrier that reflects all the heat out and keeps your attic cooler during the summer. If you manage to maintain the temperature of your attic it can also save you a lot on energy bills. Radiant heat barriers come in different forms. Some people choose to apply tinfoils in their attic, but other more efficient ways include using spray paint. With which you can apply a more even coating and reflect more heat and increase the efficiency.

If you are planning to get your roof changed then it is a very good idea to plan out properly and look for more energy-efficient ways. Discuss with your contractor this and choose materials that would be best for your roof and your house. Investing wisely right now would save you tonnes of money in the future from hefty energy bills. If you really want to pick something smart then the Metal roofing options from London Eco metal would be a really great pick. The durable roofing option with its great features is sure to be a long-term solution for your abode.

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