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Planning your kitchen remodel? As you’ve no doubt already learned, you have a lot of decisions to make. While you probably have a general idea or vision for what you want your kitchen to look like, translating that to reality can be harder than you might think. Your first step: finding the right countertops for your remodel. In this article, we’ll review your countertop options and walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of each.


There’s a reason why granite countertops are considered the gold standard for kitchen renovations. Universally popular and incredibly durable, these stone countertops have come to be associated with contemporary kitchen remodels. There’s nothing quite like bringing the unique beauty of natural stone into your home.

Granite countertops aren’t entirely impervious. While they are heat and damage-resistant, they can stain if not properly sealed. Depending on the stone and the source, granite can also be relatively pricey.


Quartz countertops have exploded in popularity over recent years—and for good reason. They’re stone countertops, just like granite, but come in a wider variety of colors and styles. Aesthetically, there’s a quartz countertop for just about every kitchen. Quartz is durable and, thanks to being sealed, is more stain-resistant than granite.

Quartz isn’t entirely perfect. For one, it doesn’t have granite’s legendary heat resistance: you can’t put hot pots and pans right on its surface without causing damage. It’s a matter of personal preference, but quartz can also have a “manufactured” look compared to granite slabs.

Your other options

While granite and quartz are the two most popular countertop options, they’re far from your only choices. Here are a few other types of countertops to think about adding to your kitchen:

  • Butcher Block: Less expensive than stone, butcher block is warm, cozy, and versatile. However, wood countertops require constant care and vigilance. They’re prone to damage and stains. If you want the style of butcher block in your space, consider using it as an accent feature.
  • Stainless Steel: A long-time feature in commercial kitchens, stainless steel is durable and stylish in the right space. However, steel is cold and can make your kitchen feel somewhat sterile.
  • Marble: It’s beauty and luxury is undeniable. However, marble is expensive to buy in bulk and relatively vulnerable to damage. If you’re going to feature marble in your kitchen, consider using it for a kitchen island where it won’t see heavy use for food prep.

Work with a professional

Finding the right materials for your new kitchen can be a challenge. We haven’t even touched on cabinets yet! If you’re struggling to translate your vision for your kitchen into reality, now’s the perfect time to take a step back and bring in a remodeling professional. Your design expert or contractor will be able to talk to you about your project and find you the right countertops (and more!) for your kitchen.

Looking for an in-depth view of the different countertop styles and their pros and cons? Check out this helpful infographic!


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