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Even though TV and movies don’t quite get things accurate every time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always based on falsehoods. More often than not, TV and movies at least pull from the real world to create their stories. That is even true when it comes to basements. Basements are a common setting for TV and movies, and they tend to get broken. Here’s how a few basement renovations could help broken basements in movies and TV.

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The sopranos

In The Sopranos, Tony Soprano uses his basement to talk to people about his criminal activities — he believes the loud noise from the AC unit prevents anyone from eavesdropping. However, his water heater explodes just as the FBI is about to try and listen in on his criminal conversations. This, of course, thwarts the FBI’s plans, but it also causes some serious damage to Tony Soprano’s basement.

These basement issues could easily cause foundation damage and they certainly cause widespread water damage in the basement. If Tony Soprano wanted to fix it, he would have to call in an expert to clean up that water damage, assess the area for foundation damage, and replace his water heater.


The Ghostbusters run their business out of a six-story firehouse building, which has a containment unit on the basement floor. At one point, an EPA inspector comes out to make sure everything is okay. This inspector tells an electrician to cut the power, causing the containment unit to explode and likely seriously damage the building’s foundation.

Foundation damage repair could exist here, especially if an expert adds piering and wall stabilization to the basement. Plus, to help avoid a similar issue happening again, the Ghostbusters may want to invest in a backup generator to avoid electrical problems in the future.

That ‘70s show

As its name would suggest, That ‘70s Show drew heavily on ‘70s culture and concepts. The show followed a group of teenagers who lived in the ‘70s and followed their overarching issues and problems as they navigate teenage life during these years. One thing they do on a regular basis is smoke in their friend Eric’s basement.

Nowadays, it’s rare for people to smoke inside — smoke gets into the walls and carpet and can even cause secondhand smoke illnesses in people who don’t smoke. Plus, it doesn’t smell great. If these teens or their parents wanted to fix the basement, they could invest in some pretty substantial deep cleaning to get rid of the residue.

Wayne’s world

The problem in Wayne’s World isn’t a structural problem or anything else similar to it. Instead, the problem is the noise that Wayne and his friend Garth make every Friday night. They livestream their shows, which causes annoyance to Wayne’s parents, as they have to deal with the constant noise.

Good news for both Wayne and his parents: it’s possible to soundproof a basement. Although it might not necessarily be easy to do so, it is something that an expert crew can do. They would just have to call in the experts and let them know what type of noise they’re doing, and a crew could easily help them soundproof the area to everyone’s satisfaction.


If you have your own broken basement concern, chances are it’s from a much less fantastical origin than the TV and movies that caused these broken basements. Regardless of why you ended up with basement issues, you can still talk to a basement repair expert and get a fix that’s effective and tailored to your situation. Talk to a basement repair expert to learn more about your basement repair options.

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