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Cabinets are mainly treated as one of the leading and most useful bathroom vanity units and thus you must take good care of them. If you want to maintain both decorative look and functional value of these cabinets, then nothing can be the best option other than painting. Painting is also quite useful in enhancing the overall life length of the cabinets to a great extent and this is why most people take the decision of painting their bathroom cabinets with specialized paint coats.

Painting cabinets to block moisture accumulation:

• Moisture and heat effects can be prevented efficiently with the use of paints on cabinets.

• Due to regular or continuous usage, bathroom vanities might lack their initial luster and they can fade in color and thus you can definitely implement the concerned strategy for maintaining the surface glow and durability of the cabinets.

• Moreover, by means of applying protective paints, worn-out cabinets can also be repaired along with a new look.

• On the other hand, mold discoloration and peeling finish troubles can also be avoided and thus you can use the cabinets for a long time. You can also clean the cabinets more efficiently and easily than ever as the paint coats can create smooth surfaces.

Requisites for painting cabinets of bathroom vanity:

• You can call any efficient and experienced bathroom renovator and can discuss with him regarding how to paint bathroom cabinets. You can definitely receive a lot of valuable suggestions or recommendations from him on painting of bathroom vanity units and you can also come to know about the recent trend and market options.

• You can also follow the instructions offered by the manufacturers regarding how to maintain bathroom cabinets. The manufacturers often suggest applying useful paint coats for proper maintenance in the long run.

• You need to acquire the requisite tools or equipment that is required for conducting the activity of painting. Some commonest tools for painting are paint brush, paint rollers, paint cans and many more. Certain bathroom units are made of Oak or Sheesham wood, and their color and polish vary accordingly. So you need to include these as a part of your bathroom, only after you know how to maintain them.

Prepare and clean the cabinets before you actually start painting them:

• The cabinets need to be prepared in a proper way. You got to clean the cabinets thoroughly by the use of different cleaning solutions so that unwanted dirt, dust or other wastes can be eliminated. You can also use any sanding machine so that the uneven surfaces can be removed which is needed for applying paint coats. If there are nay molds, then they must be treated first with the use of either baking soda or vinegar and then only you can prepare your cabinets for painting purposes. You can also use sanding process for conducting different defects especially scratches, wear, tear or others.

• Priming is one of the most essential steps that need to be conducted before painting. You must use a high-quality primer and must apply coats of the same on the cabinet surfaces. In this case, improved rolls and brushes are to be used so that you can create powerful coats of priming. Minimum two coats are required so that the paint coats last for a long time. Brushstrokes are to be used for wet edges so that glossy appearance can be easily maintained and in this case you must remember that paint dusts are not visible otherwise that can create bad impressions.

• You must choose the best shades so that higher impressions can be gained. Dark waxes can be used in this regard so that the glossy surfaces can be effectively maintained. You can also utilize chalk paint so that the paints coats get permanent and brighter.

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