Lovely Home Story


Decorating a home is definitely a challenging task. Even if you hire an interior designer to finesse a room with their creative eye and signature flair, the space can inevitably transformed. Adding souvenirs, sentimental pieces, collectibles, and family heirlooms can transform a boring space into a chic one. Each new item is a reflection of your like and personality and that’s what make a house feel like home.

Despite putting best efforts in keeping the decor classic and minimal, however nobody have resisted the charm of a good interior trend. Just like clothing trends move from the runways to our wardrobes, these paint colors, shiny new decorative pieces, and furniture style also make their way into our homes. There is a fine line between timeless and trendy. So, to keep our homes from looking updated and elegant, here are some latest home decor trends:


1 – Classic Color Combination

Use only one or two solid colors to lend a smooth and sophisticated look especially in bedrooms. The favored color today are brown, beige and white. Whether it’s your modern bedroom furniture or walls, or may be it’s your modern vanity tables, using chocolate brown or beige in different hues will really enhance the modern appeal of your decor. Besides, these colors go really well with modern furniture sets and also give your room a nice, earthy, and warm feel.

2 – Geometric patterns

When it comes to rugs and carpets, don’t go in for ones that have fancy patterns. Instead, choose in solid colors and interesting patterns – think geometric! Rugs in different textures can add a dramatic feel to the entire space. Enhance the overall appearance by choosing the furniture in square or rectangular shapes. Avoid circular shapes!

3 – Flexible lighting

To bring out the richness and warmth of your paint color, choose fixtures and lighting that have a ‘warm white’ color temperature. The best lights to use within warm color temp. Are incandescent or halogen bulbs. LEDs and CFLs within the low color temperature range will work as well.

4 – Modern kitchen fixes

Today’s kitchen are fun and welcoming. A fitted kitchen is the most common choice and consists of similar upper and lower cabinets with appliances fitted into them for simple use. Choose counter top that is water resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. Kitchen flooring should be of wood, stone, ceramic, laminate or linoleum.

5 – Keep it all informal

A good home decor should be versatile in every way. The seating options can range from stools, lounge chairs, bean bags or simply cushions on floor. Show some creativity by mixing or matching.

6 – Personalized balcony

If you have a veranda or backyard, then there is a lot more that you could add to your garden space with little plants and a small swimming pool. But, with balcony, the most you can do is plant -Herbs! Grow your favorite herbs in some ideal fancy ways.

7 – Window treatments

Whether it’s a simple swath of fabric, elegant draperies, or Roman shades, every window needs the perfect complement. Sheer window shadings, soft draperies are being seen in more homes as a way of maintaining a light, carefree atmosphere. It’s time to try these window treatment to shed some new light on your space.

Try these latest home decor trends and unleash the creative inside you for a better aesthetic appeal. You can also rearrange your room to bring that fresh ambiance as it can be great mood elevator. A home filled with cheery colors, happy motifs and mixed patterns bring unexpected twists in the decor.

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