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In the world of interior design, few elements can transform a space with as much impact as a well-curated gallery wall. The beauty of a gallery wall lies in its ability to showcase an array of artworks and photographs, thus creating a captivating visual experience for viewers. However, achieving the perfect balance and arrangement can be a daunting task for even the experienced professional decorators.

Whether you’re a minimalist seeking clean lines or an eclectic enthusiast craving different colours and textures, the following guidelines provided by painters and decorators working with Fantastic Services will empower you to create a gallery wall that showcases your personality.

What is a Gallery Wall?

A gallery wall serves as your personal gateway to a treasure trove of artwork. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creative side to your family members and guests. You don’t need a collection of authentic Picasso masterpieces to create a captivating gallery wall, though. Sometimes, a display of your own collection of photographs can transform the wall into a remarkable artistic statement. Regardless of the origins of your art pieces, what truly matters is how you arrange them.

DIY Tools You’ll Need

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of handyman instruments and gadgets for this project. You’ll need only the following basic items, and you probably already have most of them:

Pencil or marker (make sure it’s not a permanent marker);

Painters tape;

Cutting tools (scissors, a professional craft knife or a kitchen knife);

Craft paper or cardboard pieces;


A set of nails (alternatively, you can replace nails with picture hangers);

Measuring tape;


Tape (double-sided adhesive is the best).

The final thing you need, of course, is your collection of art pieces. Besides paintings, you can hang photos showing your best moments, your kid’s first year or any other lifetime phase that matters to you and your family. Another good idea is to buy a set of several frames in different sizes and print cool posters to place within them;

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Now, let’s move to the actual work. Below you will find the 5 steps to build your gallery wall.

#1. Start in the Centre

Professional decorators never make a mistake in this. Their secret is simple: they always start from the centre. It’s crucial to begin with the most significant piece first. The experts recommend you place it at eye level. You might raise the height a bit if you have high ceilings at home. Always aim for the centre, then work around the central piece.

#2. Set a Layout and Test

Don’t hang the paintings and photos just yet. Instead, do some tests with cardboard. Cut off cardboard or craft paper using your actual photos and paintings as reference sizes. Then, with your double-sided adhesive tape, start arranging. Change, replace and mix until you find the most inspiring layout.

#3. Keep Even Distance Between the Pieces

Always leave equal distance between the art pieces. Professional painters and decorators claim the best length between the frames is about 4 inches (10cm).

Group smaller items together, creating a designated area that is proportionate in size to one of the larger pieces. This technique helps maintain visual balance and cohesion within the overall composition.

#4. Maintain Balance

While symmetry can sometimes be predictable and uninspiring, achieving balance is crucial when creating a gallery wall. It’s important to note that arranging your paintings or artworks in a perfectly symmetrical manner is not mandatory. In fact, embracing variety in sizes and shapes adds visual interest and depth to the composition.

However, when all the pieces are displayed together, they should evoke a sense of harmony. And harmony is incomplete without balance. To achieve it, simply follow these steps:

Always pair the biggest pieces with smaller ones;

Don’t mix and match only what’s inside the frame, but also the frames themselves;

Keep the biggest items far away from each other;

Don’t be afraid to mix horizontal with vertical pieces.

#5. Add Empty Frames and Mirrors

Some design experts suggest that incorporating an empty frame within your gallery wall can be an artistic choice worth exploring. This unconventional addition introduces a captivating interplay of shadows, shapes, and styles, adding an extra layer of visual interest to the overall composition. If you happen to have a spare frame on hand, consider integrating it into your gallery wall for a unique touch.

Alternatively, you can elevate the final look of your gallery wall by incorporating a mirror. Not only does a mirror create the illusion of a larger wall space, but it also enhances the dramatic impact of the surrounding art pieces. The mirror’s reflective surface adds depth, allowing the artwork to take on a more captivating and dynamic presence.

Get Help from Professional Decorators

When it comes to creating a gallery wall that truly stands out, sometimes, a little professional guidance can make all the difference. While it’s undoubtedly exciting to embark on a DIY project, enlisting the help of professional decorators can take your gallery wall to the next level of perfection.

Professional decorators have an eye for design and a wealth of experience in creating visually stunning spaces. They possess a deep understanding of composition, colour palettes, and the art of storytelling through wall arrangements. By collaborating with a decorator, you can benefit from their expertise and tap into their vast knowledge of art and interior design trends.

One of the advantages of working with professionals is their ability to tailor the gallery wall to your specific style and preferences. They can guide you in selecting the right combination of artworks, considering factors such as scale, proportion, and theme coherence. They can also provide valuable insights on how to arrange the pieces in a way that maximises visual impact and creates a harmonious flow.

Additionally, professional decorators often have access to an extensive network of artists, galleries, and suppliers. This can open doors to unique and exclusive pieces of artwork that may not be easily accessible to the general public. With their industry connections, they can help you source extraordinary artworks that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your gallery wall.

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