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Aluminium windows and doors are one of the basic elements of modern architectural designs. The aluminium windows come with a lot of advantages like the very modern looking slim profile, good durability, low maintenance and very narrow sightlines. Though this material is very light, it is highly durable and very strong. The factor that the frames are narrow plays a huge role in the modern decor as the glass is more prominent. These windows tend to enhance the beauty of the modern décor used in the house.  The multi-panel glass wall usually facilitates indoor and outdoor living. Even though aluminium is a good conductor of heat and cold, it is not recommended for beach homes since it can be a subject to corrosion if it comes in contact with salt water or air.

There are a plethora of reasons on why architects recommend aluminium windows. some of them are:


#1. The Look and the function:

Aluminium windows and doors add a great look to the architectural style and design of any home. It adds to the elevations and the overall look of the space. The interior design of any home plays a huge part on how to use those aluminium windows and doors. There is a variety of ways that architects use when it comes to aluminium doors and windows, for example a composite aluminium wood section usually flatters a less modern interior design whereas if this very element is used in different wooden finish colour, it gives a different look. On the other hand, the function of the room also plays a major role when it comes to choice of windows. The narrowness factor of aluminium is used by the architect to flaunt the huge glass windows opening to a picturesque view and it also provides nice ventilation. The aluminium windows work as a beautiful interface between the indoor and the outdoor space.

#2. The price and quality:

The price and quality of aluminium doors and windows go hand in hand. Good quality aluminium will have a perfectly smooth finish whereas if the quality is bad it may have pitting when the profile is heated for powder coating. The smooth finish of the aluminium is achieved by the polishing of the dye after every extrusion run; this reduces corrosion and gives the high-quality finish. The price of the product depends totally on the number of specifications like the locks, rollers, rubbers, brushes, handlers etc. Different companies have different price ranges. These aluminium windows and doors does not demand regular maintenance and therefore act as a onetime investment and you can have a good value for money by using them for your home.

#3. Security, safety and energy efficiency:

The doors and windows are the weakest and the most vulnerable parts of any home and that is why it is important to secure them with the best facility available. The aluminium windows and doors mostly come with locks and handlers and the glass which makes the home secure. These elements are of high security and help in keeping intruders and burglars out.  Some of the elements are so high tech that they are bulletproof, burglar-proof, and blast resistance and also provide fire and smoke protection. It is important to take care of safety issues and these windows are perfect to make your home safe and secure. Coming to the energy efficiency factor of the aluminium doors and windows, a huge amount of heat loss and gain happens through the windows. Taking care of this can have a huge effect on the power bill. The Low-E coating, layers of glass, insulation space between panels and hinged windows are the factors to look into when it comes to energy efficiency.

In modern homes, these are the various factors why architects recommend aluminium windows and doors instead of traditional wooden windows. It not just enhances the look of your home but is also safe and secure and highly cost-effective thus making the home a better place to live in.

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